The Law Office of Edgardo Martinez, LLC

Great person. Very smart. Easy to reach either by phone, cell or email. I hired him to help me with my conditional resident status and obtained a very positive outcome with out the need of an interview. I will definitely hire him again for my naturalization process.


Mr Martinez was a real blessing for us. After nearly a year of battling with the USCIS we hired him to help us. He was very attentive and always made himself available. If he was unable to answer a call he got to us in a very timely manner. Once we got him all the documentation he asked for he took care of everything. His fee was very reasonable and he certainly made us feel like we got our money's worth. I couldn't recommend him any higher.


Mr. Martinez has been most helpful with all of our queries & has been extremely obtainable whenever we have needed to contact him.
We have never felt rushed, but rather very comfortable & confident with Mr. Martinez.


I hired Mr. Martinez because i was in the process of applying for permanent resident status for my wife. I found him to be extremely knowledgable on immigration law and also highly organized as it pertained to my individual case. Besides filling and filing all our paperwork for our case, he was always readily available either through email or the phone to answer any questions we might have had. Mr Martinez also accompanied my wife and I to our interview with immigration services where we aquired our green card. Finally, Mr Martinez is a very down to earth individual who is very easy to communicate with and from both me and my wife, he comes highly recommended.


I hired Attorney Martinez in order to remove the conditions on my permanent residency. I was going through a very difficult time so I forgot about filing the necessary forms on time. I talked to Attorney Martinez and he told me exactly what to expect and the process to follow. The application that he submitted was just approved and now I have my 10 year card


Very professional, honest, kind, and he always follow-up with me during my case process. Also the process was very smooth and fast.

I will recommend him 100%

I'm very satisfy with he's service. I will for sure use he's services again!:)


I am from Central America. My husband is a US citizen. My husband filed the initial application for my residency without a lawyer and it was approved. But apparently we did something wrong and Immigration told us that I needed to go back to my country in order for me to become a legal resident. Obviously, I did not want to do that. We consulted with Edgardo and he told us that due to my situation I would be able to become a legal permanent resident without having to leave the United States. My husband had used Mr. Martinez' services before so we trusted him. We hired him for this matter and a few months later I had my green card.... Thanks Edgardo!


I hired Attorney Martinez to help me obtain my green card. I was very afraid of doing this by myself because I had been in the USA illegally for over 10 years on an expired visa. It took less than six months from the time I hired Attorney Martinez for me to obtain my green card. All applications were approved even without an interview at the Immigration office. Definitely worth it!


Does an awesome job and fast. He is very knowledgeable which made the paperwork for my process easier than my last lawyer. Last, he is very affordable so talk to Mr.Martinez he will save you a lot of money. Can't find a better immigration lawyer with all his attributes in Tampa. Thank Mr.Martinez!


Less than a year ago I met the love of my life and shortly thereafter we got married. My wife came to the US with a tourist visa. Obviously I wanted her to stay but we had no idea what to do in order for her to stay in the USA permanently. Mr. Martinez was not the first lawyer that we contacted but once we met him, me and my wife knew that we wanted to hire him. He told us exactly what to expect out of this process, he knew exactly what was going to happen and I personally found him very ethical in his dealings with us. I already have referred his services to to other people.