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You need an immigration lawyer that you can rely on to help you through your matter. Whether the process involves gathering documents outside the courtroom or defending you inside of it, Edgardo Martinez can guide you through the serious immigration matter you are facing.

Rely on the expertise of The Law Office of Edgardo Martinez, LLC to assist you with the following areas of immigration law:

Citizenship and naturalization

Taking the right steps when obtaining your citizenship should be your number one priority. The Law Office of Edgardo Martinez, LLC can provide you with the personal, dedicated attention you need when applying for US citizenship in the Tampa area. Our immigration attorney can handle your even if you reside outside of the Tampa area. Edgardo Martinez has had success with immigration cases from people who live in other states and countries. Every case varies so it is best for you to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Green card

Getting a green card in Tampa, FL can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a long process. If you are looking to go from green card to citizenship, Edgardo Martinez can help. Don’t take your chances with a lawyer who only does immigration law on the side. Rely on Mr. Martinez to assist you with all green card requirements.

US visas

There are two main visa classifications (non-immigrant and immigrant), and under those, there are many different types. Depending on the purpose of your visit, there is a specific process for obtaining the visa. Whether it’s for you or a family member, Edgardo Martinez will help create a specific plan of action for getting a US visa in Tampa, Florida. Marriage visas and working visa situations can also be handled by Edgardo Martinez.

Removal and deportation defense

If you are facing removal from the US because of your status or criminal history, call The Law Office of Edgardo Martinez, LLC immediately and get an aggressive and attentive lawyer on your side.

Family-based immigration

Separation from your family is simply not an option. The quicker you act upon your situation, the faster you can get back to your family. If you or your family are facing deportation, let The Law Office of Edgardo Martinez, LLC provide you with everything you need to reach a desirable outcome for your case.

Don’t wait until your situation reaches the point of no return. Get a Tampa attorney dedicated specifically to immigration law to assist you with your matter today.

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