If You’re Facing the Threat of Deportation

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Immigrants and non-citizens in the United States face the risk of deportation if they do not follow proper protocol and U.S. laws. Common reasons immigrants are deported include criminal activity while in the country or unlawful entry to the U.S. Reach out to Edgardo Martinez Attorney At Law to learn how our attorney can help you through a difficult deportation process.

How does deportation work?

Generally, the deportation process goes as follows:

  • First, the foreign national will be arrested and detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Then, they will receive a notice to appear, which outlines why ICE believes they should be deported.
  • The ICE official will determine bond eligibility.
  • The deportation hearings will begin.
  • A decision will be made during the deportation hearing.

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